Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



Cuyahoga Community College · 2015 - 2016

Supplementary Coursework: Teaching License Visual Art (Grades K-12) · 4.0 Grade Point Average

Cleveland State University · 2013 - 2015

Post-Baccalaureate: Teaching License Integrated Mathematics (Grades 7-12) · Graduated With Honors

University of Illinois at Chicago · 2009 - 2012

Master of Architecture: Three Year Professional Degree · Graduated With Honors

Bowling Green State University · 2004 - 2009

Bachelor of Science:  Technology · Concentration Architecture & Environmental Design


Academic Awards and Honors

Cleveland State University

Student Spotlight CSUTeach Newsletter Interview Article · 2014

NSF NOYCE Conference Attendee: Washington D.C. · 2014

NOYCE Academic Scholarship & Technology Grant · 2013 - 2015

Choose Ohio First Academic Scholarship · 2013

University of Illinois at Chicago

College of Architecture Year End Show Year 03 Studio Project: Professor Paul Anderson · 2012

Research & Teaching Assistant: Professor Lluis Ortega · 2011 - 2012

Graduate Assistant: Supervisor of Digital Fabrication Lab · 2009 - 2011

Portfolio Day Finalist · 2010 - 2011

Portfolio Day Faculty Choice Award: Honorable Mention (Year 02 Portfolio) · 2011

Semi - Finalist: First Annual Student Design Build Competition · 2010

Student Advisory Board Representative · 2009 - 2012

Bowling Green State University

Academic Scholarship · 2004 - 2008

Dean’s List · 2007 - 2009

Music Education Performance Scholarship:  Classical Saxophone · 2004 - 2006

Second Place: Urban Development Studio Competition · 2008


Skill Highlights

Software and Technology Consulting | PC, Mac, Android Platforms

Apple Certified Teacher · 2 yrs. exp.



Computing Solutions · 13 yrs. exp.

Hardware Specifications

Desktop Computer Construction

Mac. vs PC Operating Systems

Google Drive Business Suite · 4 yrs. exp.

G Suite Administrator

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Bulk User Data Organization

End User (EU) Organization

General Technology Integration · 4 yrs. exp.

1:1 Classroom Mobile Device Management (MDM)

1:1 Computing Solutions: PC vs MAC vs Chromebook

Digital File Organization, Management, and Hierarchy

Software Integration and Curriculum Development

Learning Management Software · 3 yrs. exp.

Echo Administrator 

Graphic Design | 2D - 3D Drafting, Modeling, Rendering Software | PC and Mac Platforms

Adobe Creative Suite:  Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign · 10 yrs. exp.

AutoDesk: Auto CAD · 10 yrs. exp.

Rhinoceros 4.0 & 5.0 · 10 yrs. exp.

Vray Renderer · 7 yrs. exp. 

Cura · 2 yrs. exp.

Working Knowledge of the Following Software

AutoDesk: Maya, 3DS Max, Revit · <1 yr. exp.

Google SketchUp · <1 yr. exp.

ProTools LE · 1 yr. exp.

Digital and Physical Fabrication

Laser Cutting · 10 yrs. exp.

3D Printing · 10 yrs. exp.

Model Making, Full Scale Construction, Installation Design · 10 yrs. exp.

Woodshop, Woodworking Training, & Soldering · 10 yrs. exp.

Large Format Plotting & Printing · 10 yrs. exp.

Digital Photography · 10 yrs. exp.


Speaker: Placement, Style, Output · 14 yrs. exp.

PA vs Near Field

Wattage, Frequency Response, Total Harmonic Distortion

2.1 (Stereo) vs 5.1 (Surround) vs 7.1 (Surround)

Wiring Type/Length and Gauge Size

Live Recording vs Live Mixing

Multi-track Studio Recording

Projecting Solutions · 8 yrs. exp.

Hardware Specifications

Lens Shift

Position Mounting & Throw Length Calculating

Projector and Screen Finish Installation 

Solid vs Perforated Screen


Teaching Experience

Teaching Fellow  |  Cleveland Museum of Art  |  Cleveland, Ohio · 2018 - Present

Connie Towson Ford Teaching Fellow

Explore the Cleveland Museum of Art's gallery teaching methodology and reflect its impact on my own teaching.

Develop an action-based research project for the academic school year which focuses on the architectural, cultural, and historical significance of mural design both locally and globally.

Visual Art Teacher  |  North Ridgeville City Schools  |  North RIdgeville, Ohio · 2018 - Present

Academic Center · 2018 - Present

Lead instruction for grades 6 - 8 in Traditional Art and Video Production. 

Ranger High - Tech Academy (STEM) · 2018 - Present

Lead instruction for grades 2 - 8 in Traditional Art and Digital Design/Fabrication. 

Graphic Design Teacher  |  Cleveland Metropolitan School District  |  Cleveland, Ohio · 2015 - 2018

Facing History New Tech High School · 2015 - 2018

Lead instruction for grades 9 - 12 in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as Rhino 3D, integrate technology for all classes, acquired and supervise the school’s first 3D printer. 

Academic Achievement Plan committee member (during all three years).

Administrative member and technical adviser for all learning management softwares which include: Echo, Google Business Suite, as well as the school’s 1:1 MacBook Air initiative utilizing JAMF software.

Collaborated with MetroHealth’s main campus on the permanent installation of the student driven project THIRTY, funded for $3,000 this will tour MetroHealth’s campuses indefinitely.  Project displayed at:

MetroHealth: Main Campus · May - September 2017 

Cleveland Public Theatre: Station Hope · May 2018

Case Western Reserve University: Kevin Smith Library · January 2019 - April 2019

Leadership Conference Attende: 

Chicago, Illinois · Summer 2015

San Diego, California · Spring 2016

Columbus, Ohio · Spring 2016

Orlando, Florida · Summer 2016

Greensboro, South Carolina · Spring 2017

Cleveland, Ohio · Fall 2017

Guest Lecturer | Cleveland State University | Cleveland, Ohio · 2015 - Present

Panel Member / Lecture Presenter / Speaker

Keynote Address Speaker College of Education & Human Services Induction Ceremony · 2018

Guest Lecture edTPA and Ohio RESA Strategies For Student Teachers · 2018

Guest Lecture Technology Integration · iMovie, QuickTime, Google Drive Applications · 2017

Film Screening "Most Likely to Succeed" Panel Member · 2016

Teacher Education Accreditation Panel Member: Topic · Technology Integration · 2016

Guest Lecture 3D Printing · 2015

Teaching Assistant & Intern  |  Cleveland State University  |  Cleveland, Ohio · 2013 - 2015

MC2 STEM High School at Great Lakes Science Center: Student Teaching 9th Grade · 2015

Led instruction in Algebra I and II, utilizing problem and project based instruction.

Collaborated with teachers to establish integrated lessons which focused on the semester capstone project of sound design and communication.

Developed instruction and continued integration of technology through various software which included: Math XL, Desmos, Microsoft Excel, and Google Drive.  

Engineering Camp at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center · 2014 - 2016

Taught engineering to middle and high school students during a three week summer camp.

Led daily lessons in which students explored a new, hands on topic in engineering through model making, hand sketching, 3D modeling and printing, as well as finish construction.

Topics included: motor driven rocket, boat, and airplane building, basic soldering, and circuitry.

Math Corps at Cleveland State University · 2013 - 2014

Attended a week long training in Detroit Michigan at Wayne State University while supervising approximately thirty high school students.

Supervised and instructed five high school students on how to teach mathematics for a class size of ten middle school students.

Other responsibilities included: organizing incoming applications, creating a complete archival record from previous years, as well as branding Math Corps both digitally and physically. 

Math 167 Pre - Calculus at Cleveland State University · 2013

Assisted in the teaching of a freshman math class that met for five, one - hour classes per week.  

Lessons and instruction of mathematical concepts were problem based through engineering applications as well as the utilization of the software Aleks.

Other outside responsibilities included: one on one and small group tutoring sessions as well as consulting on the growth, development, and branding of Operation STEM.  

MC2 STEM High School at Case Western Reserve University · 2013

Assisted in teaching the six week summer session of mathematics to the 9th and 10th grade.

Introduced the Khan Academy software into the core curriculum.

Enhanced student relationships by actively participating in their daily gym classes

Orchard STEM School at Halle · 2013

Taught science proficiency class and two after school programs which focused on engineering and architecture for the 5th - 8th grade.

Lessons focused on the implementation of the PBS Design Squad curriculum, two teams of five students were coached and led to compete in the Design Squad Challenge at Idea Center.

Problem solving and critical thinking were explored through model making and hand drawing

Teaching and Graduate Assistant  |  University of Illinois at Chicago  |  Chicago, Illinois · 2009 - 2012

Digital Fabrication Lab Supervisor · 2009 - 2012

Supervised the use of two 24” x 36” Universal Laser Cutters and one Z-Corp 3D printer.

Provided undergraduate and graduate students with weekly workshops on equipment usage and software tutorials utilizing AutoDesk Auto CAD and Rhinoceros 4.0 & 5.0 as well as created material libraries with respective cut and engraving settings.

Performed daily and weekly maintenance on all equipment and laboratory computers.

Camp Instructor  |  Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park  |  Peninsula, Ohio · Summer - 2006, 2007, 2009

Lead Camp Instructor · Summer - 2006, 2007, 2009

Responsible for the supervision of fifty children ages eight to eighteen.

Lead instruction and activities focusing on sustainable design, low impact environmental design, fire building, native plant and wildlife, and the appreciation of the arts. 

Resident Advisor |  Bowling Green State University  |  Bowling Green, Ohio · 2005 - 2008

Resident Advisor · 2005 - 2008

Responsible for the supervision of fifty first and second year undergraduate students.

Primary responsibilities focused on both passively and actively promoting and innovating the University's five core values (respect for one another, cooperation, intellectual and spiritual growth, creative imaginings, and pride in a job well done) within weekly floor meetings and events. 

Other responsibilities included on developing University wide events for all on campus housing, as well as acting as a peer mentor and positive role model


Professional Design Experience

Architect Intern  |  Robert Maschke Architects  |  Cleveland, Ohio · 2012

Collaborated with principal architect on creation of construction drawings and documents.

Oversaw the coordination and creation of digital models for site specific projects. Assisted in the coordination of documents, drawings, and materials between contractors, clients, and the architect.

Extended responsibilities included assisting with the set up of the art gallery spaces located below the studio of the architecture firm.         

Branding Coordinator  |  Detroit Shoreway CDC  |  Cleveland, Ohio · 2012

Head of development of the Ecovillage located in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.

Responsibilities included creating advertisements for local programs as well as the neighborhood farmers’ market and programming outreach to re-establish the identity of the Ecovillage to local residents.

Assisted with the graphic design of branding for the Detroit Shoreway and Historic Arts District.   

Production Manager:  CORE  |  London Olympics  |  Chicago, Illinois. & Birmingham England · 2011 - 2012

Oversaw all architectural design and solutions of drawing and documentation of: plans, sections, elevations, and 3D models for the site in Ironbridge, England as well as communicated with British contractors with regards to all building construction.

Consulted on all audio, video, and computer equipment specifications.

Organized and coordinated with local partners and British partners in Ironbridge, England on the following:  scheduling, ordering, budgeting of customs insurance lists, project promotion, and documentation.

Architect Intern |  C. Johnson & Associates  |  Chicago, Illinois · 2010

Collaborative team member of a not for profit consulting firm which specialized in revitalizing low income commercial neighborhoods through a facade enhancement program.

Lead and assisted in site documentation and surveying of local businesses.  Created, designed, and rendered client proposals for future possibilities of renovating existing facades.

Engaged in community development to stimulate future collaborations.

Architect Intern |  Duket Architects  |  Toledo, Ohio · 2008 - 2009

Managed video production for an awarded ten million dollar project to rehabilitate the Lucas County Courthouse while collaborating with a historic architecture preservation firm in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Member of the design team to render site images, assisted in construction drawings and diagrams of plans and permits.  Measured and documented buildings for historic preservation.

Sole designer and creator for permanent signage and banners for the Vistula Historic District located on the old west end.

Landscape Architect Intern |  DTR Associates  |  Aurora, Ohio · 2007

Created drawings based on site analysis, measuring, and base maps.

Worked with design team to develop initial concept sketches and designs. Rendered and created drawings for client presentations.

Assisted with project estimates.  Communicated with subcontractors and vendors to obtain quotes. Oversaw installation crews in design production and fabrication.

Freelance - Designer and Photographer · 2009 - Present

Logo Design

Math Corps Cleveland

FHNT Yearbook Cover, Yearbook, and Graduation Invitations

Personal Wedding Invitations

Friends of Akron Arts

Published Photographs

BBC News: Website

Anti-Utopias: Website

Math Corps Cleveland: Website

FHNT: Website

Carol Chase Bjerke Website: Hidden Agenda

Masako Onodera: Gallery Archives (Not Displayed on Website)

Cole Derby: ZEROTIDE Advertisement

Crate and Barrel: Instagram Advertisement

Volunteer Experience

Worship Team Member | Scranton Road Bible Church | Cleveland, Ohio · 2013 - 2017

Collaborative team member of the worship music service at Scranton Road Bible Church (SRBC) leading worship through both electric and acoustic guitar as well as running the soundboard and digital slides. 

Perform basic cable and microphone maintenance.  Aid with ongoing technology integration, computer upkeep, and wiring of new digital soundboard.

Consult on audio/video equipment solutions for new building addition for both individual classroom/meeting spaces as well as multipurpose gymnasium. 

Executive Board Member | Friends of Akron School for the Arts | Akron, Ohio · 2017 - 2018 

Board member specializing in technology integration and communication.  

Perform upkeep and rebranding of organization and website.